Happy New Year 2017

Hello all! Happy 2017!!

I know I have off the grid in the blogging world for quite awhile. Well it’s been a crazy year again and now I am looking forward to a new year with some goals that I feel are really attainable.

First, to recap the year. I started 2016 with wanting to get back into running in a big way. I felt that 2016 was the year of taking care of myself physically. The year before that I was fumbling around trying to get used to my life as a newly divorced women. Unfortunately, training didn’t work out due to what I thought at the time as really bad tendonitis in my arch. I decided to start slowly by going to gym at lunch with my work friend and doing light runs.

Late spring my boyfriend had to have heart surgery. That was truly difficult to watch someone you love go through that. He got through surgery like a champ and the following three months I was taking care of him. I’m glad I was here for him through all of that.

In between it all I managed to do the Chase Corporate Challenge in the summer. It was a 3.5 mile race which I was in complete agony. My ankle was swollen the next day big time. I came to realize that it was more than nagging tendonitis. My doctor sent me to a podiatrist who sent me for some tests. The diagnosis was accessory navicular (extra bone) of my foot with a partial tear in the tendon surrounding that bone. Now it was my turn for surgery. He took out the extra bone and fixed the tear.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

So here we are at the being of 2017 with new goals. I feel quite blessed that I have a second chance with my running and I don’t plan on squandering it. I’m not there yet but everyday it gets better. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll post but I would like to keep a journal of my progress.

What goals do you have in the coming year? What kinds of setbacks have you overcome?

Ride For Roswell 2016 – Fighting Back Against Cancer


Hello all! I am sorry I have been absent for so long. Making life altering changes takes some time to adjust to. Let’s say I have been happier than ever and learned a lot about myself. It’s been a crazy, super exciting year for me!

My friend Liz and I will be doing the ride for Roswell this year again. The last time we rode was two years ago. You can see us here! Last year my youngest graduated high school the day of the ride so we just planned for 2016.

This year we are riding for the WGRZ Channel 2 team which we are super excited about.

I am truly passionate about this hospital and research facility. At Roswell Park Cancer Institute they make strides everyday in finding a cure. There are still TOO MANY people dying from this terrible disease.

The American Cancer Society posted this about cancer stats which is worth repeating.

1. In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cases and about 585,720 deaths from cancer of all age groups combined. The break down with kids is shocking; 10,450 new cases and 1350 cancer deaths are expected to occur among children ages 0-14. In the age group of 15-19, there will be approximately 5330 new cases and 610 deaths.

2. Anyone can develop cancer. 77%, however, are in people over the age of 55.

3. Most cancers can be prevented.

4. The 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers diagnosed between 2003 and 2009 is 68%.

If nothing else, we want this percentage up. The real goal is to find a cure. This is where you guys can help. Everyone is touched by cancer either directly or indirectly.

So please follow the click on the my donation page link here and sponsor me with any denomination you can. You can do it anonymously or dedicate your donation to someone affected by cancer. It’s up to all of us to find a cure.

Thank you all!

Grand Island Half Marathon Recap

Ok, I know I said that I will get this out quicker than my last race recap and I think I did a pretty good job..kind of.

Grand Island Half Marathon Recap
Half Marathon 6
I swear this race has to be jinxed. Last year, I came home from work the day before to find my dog Suzi had hurt herself somehow badly enough that I had to take her to the vet’s after the race. This year was no exception for the chaos the day before the race.

I took the Friday before off anticipating a nice relaxing three day weekend. Well, no such luck. Someone very dear to me needed me to take them to the emergency room because of chest pains. I freaked but calmly took him there. My cousin came in from California to run this race with me but I was fully prepared to ditch the race if he had to go through some of the tests they wanted him to that day. Luckily (and unluckily) the test was done on Monday so I was able to make it to the race but skip the post race party to get back to the hospital.


At the start line.....

At the start line…..

Race day was a sunny, almost 70 degree day. Sharp contrast to last year which started off cold and drizzling.
Half Marathon 2
Miles 1 – 2

This was a little too fast for me. Given the fact that I didn’t sleep well the night before and my spotty training since March I knew I would be happy just to finish. I told my cousin that it was a little too hard and I should back it off a little to sustain me for the rest of the race.

Miles 3 – 9

I have to say a huge thank you to my cousin for pacing me. I’m not going say there wasn’t a little walking in between but she kept me going. I have a bad habit at looking at my watch at the mile markers and she did scold me just a little for that. She would get ahead and shout for me to catch up to her. She was my Sherpa, guiding me through those miles and giving me her water when I needed it.

Miles 10 – 13.1

Mile 10 is where everything started to come unhinged. I told my cousin to just go without me so she could finish in the time she wanted to.

The lack of training showed up here with my endurance but what really had me concerned was the major cramp in my right calf. My calves are always tight after a long run but this was beyond tight. Walking and trying stretch it out didn’t help. By the time I crossed the finish line the cramp went all the way down to my foot. If anyone can offer some advice on this I am all ears. I do have compression sleeves for my calves but unfortunately not with me then.
After the race..we looked so relieved!

Half Marathon 4
Overall, it was a beautiful day with an awesome running partner. It’s too bad she lives all the way across the country because I would really love her to be my running partner.

How have your races been? Any advice for bad muscle cramping?

Grand Island Half Marathon Prep Update

Hello all!

I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything so here is a recap of what’s been going on in my life as of late.

As many of you know that I am in the process of a divorce by my own choosing. It has been a long journey thus far with plenty of emotional up’s and down’s. I wish there were books out there to really guide you through it but everyone is different and every situation is unique. I was amazed because even though I initiated it, I still have this profound feeling of loss that I didn’t think I would go through even though this is the right thing for me.

Part of the problem is that my half marathon training has been disrupted. I naively thought that after a week of getting settled into my new routine things would go back to normal. Well, that has been far from the case. I have been managing my early morning 21 Day Fix workouts but my evening training has been substituted by lawyer appointments and trying to do stuff with my kids. Throw in some injuries involving the orthopedic doctor and now I have my last month and a half summed up.

The thing that I was really trying to accomplish is keeping my head straight through all of this. I have a wonderful person in my life that is truly trying to help me with this but I know I am the only one that can really do that. Running has helped…A LOT! Even if my run wasn’t all that great, it was nice to get out and let my head just empty out.

Now, with two days before my first half marathon of the season, I am preparing myself to just enjoy the day. I have a running partner this year so I am definitely looking forward to that. I am not expecting any PR’s but I am hoping to at least have a good run. I do have more races that I plan on running. There will be some new ones as well as some old favorites. I am looking forward to the 2015 season!

What’s new with you? What kind of challenges did you face before a race and how did you overcome?

Shamrock 8K Run Review

Hello all! Before I begin I would like to extend a bunch of thank yous to everyone who gave me words of support and encouragement through this difficult time. That support means a lot!

Anyway, getting back to running has been difficult. I haven’t found my groove yet and I hope I will soon because my first half of the season is coming up quick.

Shamrock Run 2015

Saturday March 7th, 2015
Old First Ward

In my 2015 goals I had mentioned that I want to do all of the Buffalo News Runner of The Year races. The first one of the series is the Shamrock Run which is an 8K.

This was the first year that I participated in this race so I didn’t know what to expect. I do enjoy doing a new course because it makes the run fresh and exciting.

The day was windy and cold which I should have expected here in Buffalo in March. The temperature never got above 25 and the wind made it much colder. Because it is in the historic Old First Ward, a predominately Irish community, the prerace refreshments were water and, if you choose, a glass of Guinness beer.

Prerace beverages...only in Buffalo!

Prerace beverages…only in Buffalo!

The race setting was very industrial. That part of Buffalo has a lot of industry so the entire route were city streets. This was made slightly treacherous due to some pot holes next to manhole covers and water department access holes.

I was warned ahead of time that this was an extremely hilly course. The first hill (and all the hills for that matter) were overpasses of some kind. The first one came right before the mile one marker. I attacked each hill but by the fourth overpass my legs were feeling it. I slowed down going up starting with the fourth one but made up for the time by sprint down the other side. Not a great way of doing things but it worked for me at the time. I counted six overpasses but there may have been one or two more. I really have to do more hill work.

There were over 3500 people at this race. Even the Hanson Brothers made an appearance.

Old time hockey Buffalo style!

Old time hockey Buffalo style!

I wanted to finish in under an hour and I did at 56:16. I was pleased with my results so far.

Dusty is not happy with the weather!

Dusty is not happy with the weather!


We still remained cheery despite the cold!

We still remained cheery despite the cold!

What races have you done so far? What was your coldest race?

Big Changes…

Hello all! I won’t be posting my weekly workout but instead post a quick note to everyone.

I have mentioned in my 2015 goals that this year I was determined to make this my year of happiness. Unfortunately, that also meant making some very difficult decisions for my life as well as the life of my family.

One of those difficult decisions was to leave my almost 27 years of marriage. There were a lot of tears and sleepless nights agonizing over what I needed to do. My children, who always came first, was my primary concern. I have always put my family’s needs ahead of my own. Putting my needs first was a very difficult thing to do but I know it had to be done. So, this week, I did just that. I moved out of my house into a tiny apartment to start my life anew.

I still plan on training for my half marathon and posting it. I don’t know what my future has in store for me and frankly that scares me to death. All I know that this was the right move for me and I will make sure that my boys know that I will love and support them no matter what.

So, this week I am going off the grid to settle into my new place and get my head together. Thank goodness for my training because it definitely helps me from completely loosing it. I’ll be back next week to start fresh. Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Half Marathon Training Week 7

Wow, isn’t this great! Another snowy week is in store for Western NY. I hate to complain but OMG can’t it start to taper off even a little. Running has been fun now that I have gone outside a couple of times. Still, when you don’t have good footing it makes me a little nervous. Here was my week:
Half Marathon Training Pic

February 22nd – 28th

Starting weight – 177

Sunday – 
10 mile long run – I actually went outside! I was so happy until I got outside and the wind was cold. Either way, a few frozen fingers didn’t stop me from enjoying getting out of the basement!

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – I really felt it this morning! There is such a difference with running outside as opposed to on the mill when it comes to being sore. I was sore this morning!

Evening – Swim Night –  Missed a second week in a row this time for my youngest counseling appointment.

Tuesday –
Morning – Upper Fix – Done.

Evening – 6 X 800 @ 11:19 pace 90 second rest intervals – Knocked these out no problem. My back still lets me know it doesn’t like me on the treadmill but it wasn’t an issue.

Wednesday –
Morning –  Lower Fix – Done

Evening – P90X Stretch – Skipped because we had to file our tax returns. I don’t know why we never went back to an accountant because these part time tax people are terrible. We had to correct some of her mistakes and it took us almost two hours to get done.

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – Due to personal issues I barely slept so I just skipped.

Evening – Tempo 1 mile easy, 7 miles @ 12:34 pace, 1 mile easy cool down – Still very tired so I just scraped the whole day.

Friday – 

Rest day.


Spin – Made it and was very happy! I even stayed longer to get a little extra workout in at the gym!

How was your workout week last week?

Half Marathon Training Week 6

Here is the run down:
Half Marathon Training Pic
February 15th – 21st

Starting weight – 177

Sunday – 
11 mile long run – Holy crap, I actually did this on the treadmill. Air temperature outside was a freezing 10 below so there was no way I was going to go outside. I had to supplement with some GU Gel at about the 7 mile mark. The last few miles my mind was in a meltdown mode but I persevered. I can’t wait for the weather to break a little. I am actually praying for some 20 degree days.

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – Done.

Evening – Swim Night –  It was President’s Day so the college was closed.

Tuesday –
Morning – Upper Fix – Done.

Evening – 2 X 1200 meter @ 11:24 pace & 4 X 800 @ 11:19 pace 2 minute rest intervals – My lower back hurt a little from my long treadmill run but after this sprint it really killed. Not really sure why.

Wednesday –
Morning –  Lower Fix – Had to modify a bit due to my back but still got it done.

Evening – Decided to take a rest even from stretching.

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – I had a hard time sleeping because of my back. This started to scare me a little because it’s been a couple of days.

Evening – Tempo 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ 12:19 pace, 1 mile easy,2 miles @ 12:19 pace –As much as I hated to miss this, I really didn’t want to compromise my long run on Sunday.

Friday – 

Rest day.


Spin – I really love spin…still!

How was your workout week last week?

Half Marathon Training Week 5

I think I am giving up on post this Mondays. Things have been kind of crazy so I will get more on that later.

Here is the run down:
Half Marathon Training Pic
February 8th – 14th

Starting weight – 178

Sunday –
9 mile long run – With the crazy weather I got sick again. This time it was a nasty cough so I missed another long run. I am trying not to get too worried over it unless it continues.

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – Missed! Bad cough continues.

Evening – P90X Stretch

Tuesday –
Morning – Upper Fix – I have been using my Cold-EEZE and it was a lot better today.

Evening – 3 X 1600 meter splits @ 11:29 pace 400 meter rest intervals – I was still coughing so I decided to take another day off from running.

Wednesday –
Morning – Lower Fix

Evening – Pool night took a turn when I noticed the sign.

Blog Pool Pic


Their hours are already limited and now they took away my Wednesday nights. Looks like, moving forward, that I will be swapping my stretch and swim days.

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – Happy to get it in.

Evening – Tempo 1 mile easy, 7 miles @ 12:34 pace, 1 mile easy cool down – I cut this a little short because the hubs was getting cranky that I was downstairs too long. I ran actually 7 total miles including the easy ones.

Friday – 

Rest day.


Spin – I really love spin!

How was your workout week last week?

Half Marathon Training Week 4

I was hoping to get this in on Monday. The weeks have been a blur lately. Lots of things going on that I will be talking more about later.

Here is the run down:
Half Marathon Training Pic
February 1st – 7th

Starting weight – 178.8

Sunday –
9 mile long run – Instead of doing the long run I competed in my first 5K of the year. Mr. Eds Superbowl Warmup. I don’t know if I will have a race recap but I will try for something later this week.

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – Missed! It was a snow removal morning!

Evening – P90X Stretch

Tuesday –
Morning – Upper Fix – Got a good workout in.

Evening – 5 X 1000 meter splits @ 11:09 pace 400 meter rest intervals – This was hard! I managed to do it and well but it was challenging.

Wednesday –
Morning – Lower Fix – Another snow removal morning…really, I’m getting kind of tired of this shit!

Evening – Pool night!!! I feel stronger each time I get out there. I realized once I got there that I forgot my towel. I had to run to Family Dollar to buy another one. That pretty summed up how my whole day went!

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – Happy to get it in.

2 mile easy, 3 miles pace@ 12:04,1 mile easy  – This was a repeat of last week. This week will be way longer.

Friday – 

Rest day.


Spin – First Saturday of the month so spin was an hour and a half.

How was your workout week last week?

Half Marathon Training Week 3

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is staying warm. I hate the cold so this is no fun for me. I woke up yesterday morning anticipating to my early morning Cardio Fix only to take my dogs out in 3 inches of snow. Now, 3 inches for Buffalo is nothing but when you factor in a strong wind and huge drifts in the driveway, that’s a whole other issue. So, instead of a sweat fest I froze my ass off snow blowing the driveway. Fun stuff. Did I mention I hate the cold?

Anyway, on to more pleasant things. I had a pretty good week of training. I started the week off sick which, to avoid missing too many workouts, I bought Cold-EZZE lozenges.
I was a skeptic going in but I swear by them now! I started to get sick on a Saturday and by Tuesday it was gone. I was shocked. I wish I tried these last year, I would have been cold free when I ran my half.

Here is the run down:
Half Marathon Training Pic
January 25th – 31st

Starting weight – 180.5

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – Cardio with weights!

Evening – P90X Stretch – I really needed it!

Tuesday –

Morning – Upper Fix – Missed this too. I had an insomnia attack and only got a couple hours of sleep. Reset the clock for 4am.

Evening – 6 X 800 meter splits (200 meter rest) @ 11:19 pace – I totally killed this!! I felt amazing so I was really pleased with what I did. The actual workout called for a 90 second rest interval but it was easier for me to keep track of it doing 200 meters.

Wednesday –
Morning – Lower Fix – Half hour of intense lower body work.

Evening – Pool night!!! A little secret that I have is that I am trying to get over the anxiety of going into the deep end. I always take a lane that is available against the wall for security. I’m not sure what happened when I got older because I had my Red Cross Intermediate swimmers card by the time I left high school. I still had a great workout despite it.

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – Always good to do!

2 mile easy, 3 miles pace@ 12:04,1 mile easy  – I finally felt good for this. It was a great run!

Friday – 

Rest day.


Spin – First day back at spin and again it was an amazing workout! I forgot how much I love doing it!

How was your workout week last week?

YMX By Yellowman Clothing Review


Back in October, yes October, I received an email from Joie at YMX By Yellowman Clothing about a great opportunity! I had a chance to pick out one of the many and I mean tons, of items that they sell, try it out and do a review. I have never heard of YMX before but once I looked at their line I jumped at the chance! Their clothing line is where art meets athletics. Think of the most beautiful full body tattoo and create functional athletic wear.

This is what their site states:
YMX activewear provides performance enhancing elements to all sports enthusiasts for an exceptional workout experience. The superior quality, comfort, and unique tattoo patterns are key ingredients of YMX’s extraordinary performance and visual appeal. MadKool® high-tech fabrics increase the performance of athletes when engaged in heavy workouts and extreme sports. Another big advantage of MadKool® is that it keeps you dry throughout the toughest workouts because the moisture-wicking fabric dries super-fast. YMX’s activewear apparel monitors your body heat to keep you warm in the cold, and cool in extreme heat. With superb MadKool® UV protection, you can challenge yourself in the most unwelcoming outdoor environments

After much consideration I picked the Amethyst Essential Henna Racerback tank.
When I opened the package the first thing I noticed that it was that it looked better in person than on the website. The second thing I noticed was that it is so light. This made me a little nervous because I am a beast when it comes to the treatment of my clothes. I don’t have time to be messing around with anything. I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on and it STRETCHED to conform to my body! Let me tell you it really did need to stretch too unfortunately.
YMX Front

I decided on a very cold afternoon to wear it on my first treadmill run!

What I loved:

Like I said, it conformed nicely to my body without ripping apart. It wicked away the sweat and left me feeling dry. Also, in the back there is this cool pocket that is big enough to fit an IPod or the smaller IPhone.
YMX Pocket
I like to pick racer back tanks because they seem to fit better. I hate it when the straps of my tanks (or bras) slip off my shoulder.
YMX Back

What I didn’t love:

Really, not much. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the bottom of the tank kept slipping up instead of staying put. I kept having to pull it down during my run and that was a pain. However, this problem really is on me to lose some weight. I can’t fault the tank for that. I will write a follow up once this does happen.

Overall I rate this tank a 10 because of the look, feel, and functionality of it. I would definitely purchase something else like maybe a t-shirt. I recommend checking out YMX Clothing by Yellowman!

If you want to try them out, check out their site and use my promo code PEACE15 and get 15% off your purchase.

Displaying YMX-120x240-AD-1.jpg

Disclaimer: My only compensation for this post was this tank top. As always, my opinions are my own.

Check out YMX Clothing By Yellowman’s website and tell me what you would pick! Did you get any new workout clothes lately?

Half Marathon Training Week 2

Happy Monday! How is everybody doing?

This week I got a pleasant surprise.
That’s my cousin who used to live here in Western NY but then in the 1980’s moved to California. She kept reading my Facebook posts about my training and decided that she wants to join me. That’s really cool because the hubs will be gone that weekend and I usually run by myself with no cheering section. It will be nice not have to run solo.

Here is the run down:
Half Marathon Training Pic
January 18th – 24th

Starting weight – 181.5

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – Cardio with weights!

Evening – P90X Stretch – Not this week unfortunately. Had to take my son to one of his appointments and didn’t get back until later.

Tuesday –
Morning – Upper Fix – Missed this too. I had an insomnia attack and only got a couple hours of sleep. Reset the clock for 4am.

Evening – Ladders – 400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 (400 RI) @ 11:09 – I thought for sure that I would be completely wiped out from my crappy night’s sleep but I got through this great!

Wednesday –
Morning – Lower Fix – Half hour of intense lower body work.

Evening – Pool night!!! I am totally stoked about getting to the pool! You never really realize how out of shape you are until you try to do laps. It totally kicked my ass and I loved every minute of it!

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – I hope this will keep my hip happy.

7 Mile Tempo Run @ 12:04 – I got up to 5 this time but I am still working towards 7 at that pace.

Friday – 

Rest day.


This was an unexpected rest day. I woke up with a runny nose and it just got worse from there. I had probably the worst sinus headache I’ve had in a long time. I got some extra zinc and today I am back on my routine. 

How was your workout week last week?

Half Marathon Training Week 1


Hello everybody!

It has been a hell of a week. Somehow the week just whipped by and same thing went for the weekend.

This last week I started my half marathon training. It is actually going better than I expected for the first week. I have been having a touch of tendonitis right above my left knee. The weird thing is that it actually feels better after I run. Totally weird. I bought a compression sleeve by Tommie Copper for that knee to see if it could work itself out. Thank God this doesn’t affect my running but squatting is another issue. This would only mean I would have to put off my trial Crossfit class until it calms down. Here is what I did last year.

Here is what I did this last week.
Half Marathon Training Pic
January 12th – 17th

Starting weight – Didn’t check. I will do so for next week.

Monday –
Morning – Total Body Cardio Fix – Cardio with weights! I am incorporating morning cross training with my 21 Day Fix program. A review will follow…thanks for the idea Kim!

Evening – P90X Stretch – Nice to kick off the first week with this. I have been totally neglecting it and boy did it feel like I did. I even recruited the hubs to do it with me.

Tuesday –
Morning – Upper Fix – A half hour of killer upper body moves!

Evening – 12 x 400 (200 RI) @ 11:09 – Nothing like kicking off the running week with a bang. I really haven’t done any running since before I started working my holiday job at the end of October but I was pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday –
Morning – Lower Fix – Half hour of intense lower body work.

Evening – These will be the nights I go to the pool however my son had his therapy appointment so I didn’t do anything.

Thursday –
Morning – Pilates Fix – I hope this will keep my hip happy.

7 Mile Tempo Run @ 12:04 – I was only able to squeeze out 4. My legs were pretty tired at that point.

Friday – 

Morning – Cardio Fix – Another cardio session without weights.

Rest Day! – I planning on making Fridays my rest day. I want to start going to spin class again. My legs were so spent even before my workout on Friday morning that I figured this would be the best idea.

How was your workout week last week?

Things I Learned From My First Half Marathon

Hello all! I started writing this yesterday and was unable to finish so I decided to just keep what I had. Sorry for any confusion. I don’t want anyone to relive a Monday!

It’s Monday and snowing! These are two things that I definitely do NOT love. What I do love is that today starts my half marathon and overall race season training. I am equally excited as well as nervous.

As I mentioned a couple of posts here & here that I am going to tackle this year’s Grand Island Half Marathon in May again. This is my second try at it. My first time I did finish but not with the time that I really could be proud of. Honestly, I really wasn’t sure what my own personal respectable time should be last year. I learned a few good lessons that I will carry on through this year’s race season.


I love this quote!

Don’t give up no matter what!

Some of the things that I didn’t really talk about too much was how difficult it was to start. The first couple of weeks of training was painful and, at times disheartening. My expectations coupled with a lot more miles left me questioning if doing this half marathon thing was really a good idea. Because I am not a quitter by nature I pushed through to actually be pleasantly surprised with myself and what I am capable of doing.

Be flexible!

Life threw me a couple of curveballs during my training. I think I got sick twice and not just with a cold. I got a sinus infection the second or third week of starting and had to take a couple of days off. I naturally panicked and thought my whole training regimen was going to go down the toilet. Well, it didn’t. I just picked up where I left off when I felt better without any problems. I will be more flexible and stress less.

Be fuel smart!

I think trying to completely give up carbs when I was going that hard was a mistake. Last year I bonked a lot during my Sunday long runs so I don’t want those same issues. This year, armed with experience and a little more good information, I will take a more balanced approach to fueling.

Calories do count!

This ties in with the above. I’m not training for half marathons to lose weight per se but rather if (and I hope it does) I lose weight in the process it’s a bonus. A lighter me would result in faster times and less stress on my knees and feet. Last year I lost 16lbs in 16 weeks which isn’t bad but for the amount of mileage coupled with a lot of cross training, I thought it would be more. I’m sure I fell into the trap that I could eat more of the clean foods because they are, well, clean and I was starving most days. This year I will try to consume what I need to train properly and not go overboard. The key word is try.

I will try to make this a healthy and productive training season by learning from my past mistakes.

What are some of the things you have learned along the way with training?





Badass 2015 Fitness Goals

Ok, maybe not really badass but I definitely turned it up a notch this year. So when Nellie at Brooklyn Active Mama invited everyone to share what their fitness goals are for 2015 in her linky party I knew I wanted to join in!

I did post a little of what I plan to do for 2015 here. I do have some bigger goals this year.

Train/run another half marathon!

I know I did this last year but I don’t think I did as well as I could. This year I revamped my fueling so I hope this will help.

Go to the pool at least once a week!

This one might be a little more challenging logistically. The pool that I go to is at the college I graduated from and that is about 35 minutes from my house and work. I shouldn’t have a problem making there most weeks but with my son’s appointments and just winter being what it is, it may not be weekly.

Participate in the Ride For Roswell!

This would be my second year for their major fundraiser! My friend Liz and I did the 33 mile route last year so this year we would like to go for the 45 mile route. See why I do it here.

Do spin classes!

I know I did this last year for my half marathon training and I plan to do it again this year! I love spin and this is a great addition to training in general.

Do the Buffalo News Runner of The Year series!

You can see the complete list here. This is a list of 11 races of varying distances starting with the Shamrock Run 8K in March and ending with the Turkey Trot 8K in November. The Grand Island Half Marathon is included in this series so I thought it fun to challenge myself with this variety.

Try Crossfit!

As Nellie pointed out, it is really expensive to do and I applaud anyone who can not only physically do this but financially be able to as well. The place that is close to my house lets you do the first class for free so it would be silly for me not to try it at least once.

Do the Wilson Duathlon!

This was on my list last year but kind of got derailed. I want to try to plan for this again this year.

Teach a workout class!

I don’t know what I would do but the gym that I go to for spin is moving to a bigger location and will offer up more classes. I thought this would be a fun way to get more training in as well as earning a few extra dollars! Any of you that do this already please give me some advice!

Join Nellie and let us know what your 2015 fitness goals are!

What are your 2015 fitness goals?

Blogging Q & A Spin Cycle Style

Since it’s the new year, the ladies at The Spin decided to start the New Years with a little blogging Q&A. Feel free to play along!

1. What do you love the most about blogging?
I love blogging for so many reasons. First, I love to write. I wish I could write better but with consistency, I’m sure it will improve. However, the biggest reason I love blogging is all the awesome bloggers I have met along the way. From Kim to Allie, Amanda and Nellie, I have laughed, cried, and been inspired.

2. How do you find the time to keep up with all the aspects related to blogging (posting, reading, commenting, responding, etc)?
Time? What time? I actually do most of my blogging really early in the morning or during my lunch hour at my day job. When I get home I have so much other stuff to do that it is really difficult to actually sit down and write something meaningful.

3. Does your family know about your blog and does this affect what you blog about?
My family does know about it but I don’t think they read it. I don’t think it would affect what I blog about. I try to be really honest and just be myself. My family knows who I am so I’m not worried about what they read.

4. If you didn’t blog, what would you be doing with that time?
I think I would be doing much of the same as I do now. Running and/or doing some type of exercise.

5. Have you been in a blogging rut and how did you pull yourself out of it?
I have been in more blogging ruts this year than any other time. With my youngest going through what he has been, it’s been tough to really focus on this. When I am out of ideas then I just wait it out until something comes to me or I come across something that I really want to write about.

6. Have you ever considered leaving the blogging world and why? What stopped you?
This last summer. I kind of when into a funk about my kid, money issues, and injuries. My focus shifted from this to dealing with everything else. It came to a point where I though I should just give it up because I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. What stopped me is reading all the other awesome blogs out there. It made me realize that even if I walked away from it for awhile, I could always come back. I decided to take “breaks” when I didn’t feel like writing.
7. Show some blog love: Name another blog that you adore.

I can’t just name one. Here are my top reads:

Day With KT
Brooklyn Active Mama
Miss Zippy
est. 1975 
A Dish Of Daily Life
Yum Yucky
Lemon Drop Pie

I do read others but I read these regularly.

8. What’s your favorite social media outlet for sharing your blog posts?
Right now it’s Facebook. Once I master that I will move on to Twitter.

9. What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself since you started blogging?

I’ve learned that I am actually more patient than what I thought I could be. Growing a blog and trying to get better at running takes a lot of time and patience. I was always the type to want results quickly with just about everything. I’ve learned to be patient and enjoy the process.

10. Any new blogging plans or ideas for the new year?

I plan on talking about my Beachbody coaching more. Maybe take more risks with the topics I write about.

Your turn…answer one of these questions!

Goodbye 2014, Bring On 2015! Happy New Year!

New Year

Happy New Year!

If you are anything like me, you are anxiously waiting for the new year to get started!

Last year, I had listed specific goals for 2014. Here is how they went.

Goal #1 – Run my first half marathon.
Done! I trained hard and even though I had hoped to do better, I accomplished what I had set out to do. I plan on doing it this year too. I am a little afraid my hip my start to act up again but I have a new training plan which involves a lot of glute work with my 21 Day Fix program.

Goal #2 – Participate in the Ride For Roswell.
Done! My friend Liz and I took on the 33 mile route. This event has so much positive energy and it’s such an amazing cause. We plan to do it again this year. I also wanted to thank all of you for the donations! Let’s make the 2015 campaign even more successful!

Goal #3 – Participate in the Wet & Wild Duathlon in Wilson, NY.

I never got a chance to even train for it. My hip hurt too much and my distractions with my youngest took over. I really want to try it some year. Maybe this year but I will definitely play it by ear.

Goal #4 – Work on my business endeavors.

I have been working on this all along. Turns out that creating a decent affiliate site costs a lot more money than I have to invest. At the end of 2014 I took on being a Beachbody Coach which I will keep at. I still want to get my affiliate site launched but right now I will concentrate on coaching. This is really a path that I always wanted to take. I really want to help people achieve their fitness goals and, for me, this is the right avenue to take.

My goals this year are simple.

Regarding running, I have a very ambitious race schedule planned. I will be training for another half but there are other races of various distances that I would like to tackle. I turn 45 in February so I will be in a new age bracket. This could mean actually placing in my age group again.

Regarding everything else, I want to make this the year of happiness. Last year was really challenging with all that went on. This year I want to turn it around and find my happy place. I may need to make some pretty extreme changes in my life to do this but I know it can be done.

Thank you to everyone that have been with me, reading my blog. I hope that 2015 will bring everyone health, happiness, and prosperity!

What are you plans/goals for 2015? How do you find your happy place?

2014 Running Year Review

On Monday Amanda over at Miss Zippy invited everyone to her Year of Running 2014 link up party. Hop over to her blog and check it out!
2014 Running Year

I had a lot of ups and downs this last year and running was definitely included in it.

Best Race Experience

Group photo.

Group photo.


Hands down, my best race experience this year and in years past was the Tops 5K to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Institute. People fighting this horrible disease and the survivors inspire me ever day. This is a race that we all come together to fight for a great cause!

Best Run

Although I didn’t have a stellar season, my best run would have to be the Buffalo Greek Fest 5K. I felt awesome and it was before I hurt my hip. I didn’t anticipate that last mile incline so my time wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be. I felt great otherwise.

Best New Piece of Gear

This would have to be my generic IPod arm band. If I wanted to have any kind of music I would have to hold that puppy in my hand and boy was that a pain. My sister gave this to me for my birthday and I love it. I can’t for the life of me remember the brand name but it works like a charm!

Best Running Advice

This wasn’t so much advice as it was a training routine. I never followed any kind of set training regime. When I decided a year ago that I would train for my first half marathon I knew I had to follow some kind of training in order to be successful. The FIRST training method was what I followed and will continue for all of my longer distance races.



Motivational Monday – Progress

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? I worked at my second job all weekend so for me it was pretty busy.

This week’s Motivational Monday reinforces the idea of never giving up! It really goes along well with the Progress Not Perfection idea.
Every day we work on our goals, the closer you get so don’t ever be discouraged!

How was your weekend?