Lynx Sports Bra Review


Many of us ladies struggle with finding the most important gear for our runs next to shoes. A good sports bra is difficult to find especially if you are a little bigger up top.

Front view.

Front view.

In my search I came across a newer brand of bra. At least I think newer because I have never heard of them up until this point. This one caters more to larger breasted women but they do sell all sizes. I was frustrated intrigued enough to contact Cynthia Smith at Lynx Sportswear and she was gracious enough to send me not one but three to try.
Lynx Bras
When you purchase a bra you first measure yourself. They offer a short video tutorial as a guide. Next, you pick your bra within the size chart. Generally, there will be a couple different sizes that would be within your size range.

Cynthia then sends you three to pick from with a self address return envelope. I tried on all three. With each one I did a little stretching to see how it moves with my movement and an in-place jog to feel how supportive the bra is. The two bras that I didn’t want I sent back postage paid by Lynx. Super awesome!

There are three models. The Sprint for smaller breasted women, The Dart for larger breasted women, and The Zoom for even larger breasted women. I got The Dart.

There two key features in all of the models are:

The Lynx Integrated Stability Matrix – Supports your breasts from the sides instead of the traps or the band providing unparalleled support and comfort.

The Lynx Dynamic Flex Construction – Gives you the freedom to breath and move without restriction.

What I liked:

-When I first tried it on I noticed the support. It wasn’t a tight fit like some of the ones I have tried. The fabric is breathable.

-I’ve had this bra for about a month and use it on all my runs. The design prevents that rotational movement you get with a lesser quality bra. A ton less bounce too.

-The price isn’t cheap but still reasonable. Although I received mine at no charge, the pricing for the bras are $55.99 for The Sprint & Dart  and $61.99 for The Zoom. I am a firm believer with you get what you pay for.

-They send you three to try. I though this was brilliant because buying something like this online is risky. Sending three to try on gives you the assurance that you will get what you need.

What I didn’t like:

-I had been looking for a sports bra that not only held everything in place but also gave the appearance of a bra. I still get that uniboob look. Not bad but noticeable.

-There is a hook, which stupid me, I didn’t notice until about the third time I used it. The bra is a little difficult to take off. Once I noticed the hook and actually unhooked the back, it was a little easier.




Overall, I feel that this is a solid bra. I still would like to try others to get a better idea. I am really happy that I finally have something that supports in way I feel a good sports bra should.

Legal Stuff: I have not received any compensation for this review except for a Lynx Sports Bra. As always, my opinions are my own.

So  tell me…

What sports bra brand do you use? What brand to you love?


  1. I am in serious need of a new sports bra, so I am going to check this one out! Thank you for the helpful and honest review! :)-Ashley

  2. Carla says:

    I am in such a new for a new sports bra! Mine are usually whatever is on sale at Target or Walmart. I used to have some VS sports bras that were actually more bra like but I can no longer afford them and they wore out. I did really like them a lot though.
    Carla recently posted…All I Want For ChristmasMy Profile

  3. Michelle says:

    I usually buy Under Armour bras, mainly to differentiate between mine and my daughter’s in the laundry! That way it’s easy for my husband to know which are mine and which are hers. I would definitely be interested in trying others though. Thanks for the review! I’d never heard of them either!
    Michelle recently posted…#AskAwayFriday with Stevie from Joy in the Midst ofMy Profile

  4. Robert Burke says:

    Not a bad price. It is actually quite reasonable. The most important thing in sports bras is the size. Make sure that it is the right size so you will be comfortable wearing it while jogging or running.
    Robert Burke recently posted…Lightening Fitness – Strongman Competition – CTMy Profile

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