Sunshine Awards!

I was thrilled to open up my email Sunday I find that I was nominated for The Sunshine Awards!

I love passing the love around with these!

Sarah from est. 1975 nominated me and four other lovely ladies. If you haven’t read her blog you are missing something awesome.

You can’t be faint of heart because she is fierce, bold, and says whatever is on her mind! I have learned that I can’t be eating or drinking anything when I read her posts. I laugh so hard that I either choke or spit all over my laptop. If you have ever done that you know that cleaning up a laptop is a bitch.

So, head on over and say hi. You will be happy you did!

Ok, so on with her questions.

1. What one thing ALWAYS makes you laugh… even though you’re totally not supposed to find it funny?

This is a tough one. There are a lot of things that make me laugh when I am not supposed to. I guess when someone has a crazy mishap like a weird fall. As long as they aren’t hurt I find it pretty funny.

2. Give up forever: nail polish, make-up, or shape wear? You have to choose one.

Nail polish. I wear makeup when I go to work and I have never tried any kind of shape wear ( I probably should have). I love getting my nails done but I can’t really spend the money on it now and I suck at applying on my own.

3. What’s your comfort food? Like the thing you *really* go to town on when you’re depressed?

I really don’t eat when I am depressed. If anything I have a few drinks. My favorite comfort food is mac & cheese. If I could, I would destroy potful.

4. What’s the one pop culture item you remember from your childhood that makes you feel the oldest?

I remember metal lunchboxes with the Thermos.

I’m not sure if this is really considered a pop culture item but I remember it. I can’t however remember which one I had because I went through a couple of them.

Oh, and I also had a Mood Ring.

5. What’s something you wish a significant other or family member would STOP BUYING FOR YOU and why?

Thankfully my mother stopped buying my sister and I Bath & Body lotion. When we were exchanging gifts she would give a gift bag loaded with lotion. I still have (and using) lotion from a couple Christmases ago.

6. What’s your grossest habit? If you’re too shy to say, tell us the grossest habit of someone you know (you don’t have to tell us who.)

My grossest habit is biting the edge of my fingers around my nails. This is where having my nails done helps. I can’t do it with fake nails. When I am tired, bored, or both I chew them until they bleed. Gross, I know.

7. Worst joke you know?

I was told and mistakenly try to retell the joke called The Big Mouth Frog. You can read it here. The joke was bad on it’s own and I can’t tell a joke to save my life so it made it worse for sure.

8. What do you hope to achieve with the investment of your time, effort, and money into blogging? Do you see an endgame? Or are you just going to do it as long as it tickles your fancy?

There are several things that I would like to achieve by blogging. I really do enjoy it and don’t see stopping any time soon. Connecting with other awesome bloggers is the best but I would like to make a career with this somehow. I am tired of working for someone else and would like to (need to!) work for myself. I’m still trying to figure it out. I work full time so I manage to read posts and write posts during my breaks at work. I am in a little time crunch with it but somehow I manage.

Since the last time I was nominated I have been fortunate to find even more great bloggers. Even though the ladies in that post still apply the blogs below are the new ones that I follow now too.

Nellie – Brooklyn Active Mama

Lisa & Ashely (The Dose Girls) – The Dose Of Reality

Allie – VitaTrainLife

Kim – Day With KT

Gretchen – Second Blooming

Ginny – Lemon Drop Pie

Michelle – A Dish Of Daily Life

Amanda – Miss Zippy

Now it’s everyone’s turn!

Answer one of the questions above!


  1. Kim says:

    Oh – thank you!!! You are so sweet to nominate me!!!
    Funny, reading your list i kept saying the same things – amazing how much we have in common.
    I can’t tell jokes either – I always blow the punch line!!! And, I can’t paint my own nails – part of why I like to have fakes!!!
    Kim recently posted…Jumbled Thoughts and a Bit of StressMy Profile

  2. “I love getting my nails done but I can’t really spend the money on it now and I suck at applying on my own.”

    See, this is where it would pay to be my next door neighbor. Because Sarah gives GREAT MANI! HE~EY! *finger snap*

    Thanks for all of the compliments by the way. You are one of my favoritest loyal so-and-sos.<3
    Sarah (est. 1975) recently posted…gut mufflerMy Profile

  3. Allie says:

    I love these and THANK YOU for nominating me:-) I can relate to the “stop giving me lotion!” My skin is sensitive to all fragranced lotion so I finally had to start telling the person who kept bestowing Bath and Body Works gift baskets on me!!!
    Allie recently posted…I’m Everywhere FockerMy Profile

  4. misszippy1 says:

    Thanks so much for including me! And I laughed at the lunch boxes…I so remember them. And pretty sure my brother had the one in your picture. A pot of mac and cheese sounds sooo good!
    misszippy1 recently posted…Mixed reviewsMy Profile

  5. Michelle says:

    Sarah’s a good egg. And hysterical! Thanks for including me on your list!

    I suck at nail polish too. In fact, I never do my own. I go once a month (or 5 weeks or however long I can stretch it), get one of those permanent manicures, and keep it until it looks so terrible I have to go again. I could give up makeup, the only thing I wear is mascara and lip gloss.
    Michelle recently posted…Slow Roasted Tomatoes with CilantroMy Profile

  6. Ginny Marie says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I feel like I should prepare a speech or something! You did a great job answering your questions. Hmm, now which one should I answer?
    Ginny Marie recently posted…Rear Ended in a Rental Car in CaliforniaMy Profile

  7. Laughing about the Bath & Body Works lotion gift bags. I still have bottles from several years ago!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Ending My Pity Party with GratitudeMy Profile

  8. Thanks for the tag!! I suck at nail polish as well. I need to do them every 3 weeks but it really turns into 6 weeks. UGH. I hear you on not working for someone else anymore. I am so over it! Mac and cheese is also one of my favorites!!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…BAM GirlTalk: HBO’s Girls + KimYe Controversy + We Need A Black Bachelor… Now!My Profile

  9. What a fun post! I wish my mom would stop giving me figurines. I don’t want one more thing to dust and I am seriously not a figurine type of girl! I’m thinking of some how sneaking them in my purse and leaving them on one of her shelves….one by one!
    Susie (The Esthetic Goddess) recently posted…Smooth & Shiny. Just How I like It!My Profile

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